Sunday, June 3, 2007

..~CaVinG eXpeRieNcE~..

here we are..

Salam everyone..
here some experience from me bout caving,actually its not a ranger extremely caving,he2..
Caving is starting to become one of the most frequent activities are take part in now days. I went to Gua Kelam,Perlis on 13th march,its school holiday lolz..
i went there with my beloved family..
So far,I’ve never regretted going caving.Well, there’s a female around my age also coming along, with the most common reason being that her parents don’t think she’s adventurous enough. Good for me..
first word came out from my mouth is SUBHANALLAH,soooo beautifull inside da darkness cave,it was my first time goes inside a cave actually..
(ngee~so pity huh!!)
Its not really that hard and you don’t really have to have any prior experience to go caving, just don’t be stupid enough to try and scale a slope that’s too much for you to handle and never jump on a rock that’s moist or that looks like is covered in moss,watchout!!..(my sis did it)

oh gosh!! its slippery and can fractured ur knee,so u need 2b more carefully...
Anyway,i brought my camera (i meanz my ayah camera) along for this trip and did remember to charge the batteries before...
So this time around, I did manage to take more than five pics before the cam ran out of juice. I took bout 30 photos, most of which are my picture,he2 (sorry sis)
The trip itself was very enjoyable indeed,albeit a little short lived, lasting only a couple of hours before we exited the cave.. .
(psst//there also a handsome guys along my trip,i enjoy it damn much,ha3)
but its not a reason y i like caving k..dont misunderstand dude..=p
i hope dat i can goes caving once again with my beloved family..

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