Monday, June 4, 2007


important things,whee
i went to kelantan tomorrow (5th june)
so,means i cant on9 often there..=,(
It all started when my dad announced to all of us that we’ll be holiday in Pantai Timur in June, which meant only one thing,my family & i would be going to Kelantan and Terengganu..

This is exciting since we haven’t gone anywhere for a holiday,
( excluding Perlis,Perak & Kedah )for this year..
im not sure neither im happy 4diz holiday,it seems weird aite??hurm..(nostalgia??nope)
maybe i went there 4 5day`s..
couple day in kelantan and another triple day in Terengganu..
We’ve had a good 2 weeks to plan out what we’re going to do there...

Even bought some clothes for the trip,One noteworthy activity I’m going to be
I first heard about it when my uncle suggested it. ..
Then, i searched the web for it and found a lot of information about it...
A day after that, i stumbled across an article in the Harian Metro newspaper on this exhibition which was a full 2 pages worth of words...
In case you wish to read it and you happen to get Harian Metro of May edition
(i can`t recall the date it is)..
I’ll be taking a lot of memorable pic while I’m there, mostly of the most beutifully sea...
actually,our chalet near the sea,so i think i will spend most my time by the sea..
Well..i bring along ayah laptop,ayah allowed me 2bring it!!..=p
if there hv a internet connection(hope sooooo)..,
i will update my blog from day to day,insyaAllah..
i hope i will enjoy diz holiday,since its maybe a LAST HOLIDAY b4 i will cosentrate 100% on PMR!!! ..
i think,until here 4now..(i must tied up my room,n packing my stuff)
enjoy ur holiday yaa guys!!take good care..
c u`ll in another blog..


Alia said...

cam format bi pmr je...pmr... @_@

..~NuR aMieRa SyaZwaNi~.. said...

grammar aku tunggang langgang..