Sunday, June 3, 2007

..~mY FiRsT iNtRo @ mY FiRsT bLoG~..

salam everybody..
kaifa haluq??
hope u`ll happy2 oweyz n sentiasa di dalam barakah-NYA...
im new here,n here there are,my first blog..=D
firstly,my name Nur Amira Syazwani Bt Abdul Latiff..
im born on 17/12/1992,at General Hospital Of Penang..
im a muslim..
have 2siblings,im the older sis..
now,im in form3 at SMK Bukit Gambier,Penang..(gambirians)
im also assistant monitor of 3kembara classes..
but i think,im not a responsibility assistant..=p (sorry Hamka 4everything)
KKQ/KAA students..
luv 2 smile n laugh..(a lot!! sumtimes)
but there r times 4us 2b serious..hait,hait!!
friendly person,i guess..(not a "cold shoulder" person,=p)
PMR candidates 4diz year..(struggle 4 9A,insyaAllah pray 4me yaa guys)
single n [s]not[/s] available,ha2..
have a luvly n understanding family,syukur Alhamdulillah..
urm,what else??until here 4now,juz a 'humble' intro bout me..
I strived to improve, not only my personal life,but the lives of everyone I comes in contact with. If you have an addiction,whether it's Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Sex,or whatever that are social, then you will discover that this Blog is NOT for you...
c u`ll in other blog,wassalam..

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